Tuesday, December 20, 2016

English Nobility - Part 4

One must remember two things when reading these past few posts as well as the final Part 5 of English Nobility. First, the lists of nobility that I am discussing are really only a few of those in my direct line. There are many more in my online database. And secondly, these nobility ancestors are really only a fraction of all of my paternal ancestry. You must remember again what I had written much earlier about the large number of ancestors we all have, since the doubling of every new generation can easily give us more than 1 million direct ancestors within 700-800 years which is the time frame of some of the middle to early individuals on these charts. By about 1400 CE my calculations show that I know less than 1/10 of a percent of all the ancestors that my father would really have had. This means that the other 99%+ during this time frame are likely common people whose genealogy is unknown.

So let us continue discussing some more of the English nobility in my direct ancestral line:
  • Hoo: Thomas Hoo (d.1455) was the last Baron of Hoo and Hastings. His ancestors were sometimes Barons and the family had quite a bit of property in Bedfordshire. For 4 centuries they owned the estate called Luton Hoo which is now a  Hotel, Golf and Spa.
  • Boleyn: This family is most famous due to Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII's many wives and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Her father, Thomas was a brother to another Anne Boleyn married to John Shelton who is my direct ancestor as can be seen in the chart. They were a prominent English family in the gentry and aristocracy. William Boleyn II (1451-1505) was Sheriff of Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk. His father Geoffrey Boleyn (1406-1462) was Lord Mayor of London. His grandfather, Geoffrey Boleyn (1380-1440) was Yeoman of Salle in Norfolk.
  • Clifford: The Cliffords were direct descendants of Richard the Fearless Duke of Normandy (955-1054), the great-grandfather of William the Conqueror. Their ancestor Pons FitzPons, also a great-grandson of Richard the Fearless came to England with the Normans. In England the Cliffords were Marcher Lords in Herefordshire on the Welsh Border. They constructed a number of Castles at Bronllys, Llandovery and Clifford. The Barony of Clifford passed to the brother of the earliest Lewis de Clifford (1355-1404) shown in the chart, so my ancestral line was no longer at Clifford Castle.
  • Kempe: This family must have been upper class as several are referred to as Esquires. Robert Kempe IV (1516-1594) was an English politician and Member of Parliament.
  • Shelton: John Shelton (1477-1539) who married Anne Boleyn was High Sheriff of Norfolk, as was his son, John as well as his father Ralph. The ancestry of the Sheltons only goes back a few generations more than shown on the chart.

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