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Ancient Greece

When Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and extended his rule through Western Asia and Northern Africa, the center of civilization moved to the Greeks. A few hundred years later it would move even further westwards under the Romans. Here we show Alexander's father, Philip of Macedonia's descent from earlier rulers around the Aegean Sea: Macedonia, Corinth and Argos. Alexander's mother, Olympias was  descended from the Kings of Epirus (northern Greece), which goes back to Achilles (of Trojan War fame), the son of Thetis, the Sea Nymph.

Alexander's daughter, Aesopia was married to the son of Seleucus I Nicator mentioned in the blog under Ancient Egypt (Chart #4). Aesopia and her husband, Achaeus's granddaughter was married to Antiochus I Theos, (also shown in Chart #4).

After Alexander's death, his extensive kingdom soon split up. In the far east, northwest India, the power vacuum gave rise to the Maurya Empire, which we will also discuss in another blog. Alexander's kingdom is typically described as being divided into 5 smaller Kingdoms, although the Selucids and Ptolemys ruled the greatest portions of the old kingdom:

Source: CC BY-SA 3.0,
  1. In Persia, the Seleucids gained power. Some of that genealogy is shown at the bottom of Chart #4 on the previous blog. 
  2. In Egypt it was Ptolemy Soter, the nephew of Alexander, who became the Pharoah of Egypt. The Ptolemaic Kingdom lasted for three centuries in Egypt down to Cleopatra VII, the last active Pharaoh of Egypt.
  1. In Asia Minor it was Antigonus I Monophthalmus, who is also an ancestor, but not shown in these charts. His granddaughter, Stratonice, was married to Antiochus I "Soter", a son of Seleucus I Nicator.
  2. Lysimachus was ruler in the Balkan peninsula.
  3. Greece, itself first went to Alexander's son, Alexander IV who was born after his father's death, then to King Cassander, founder of the Antipatrid dynasty. 
As you can see at the bottom of Chart #5, we find the famous Cleopatra descended from the Ptolemy's. There are lines that will be discussed in later blogs showing descent from both Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar.

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